Property Management

Property Management For You!

SmartDigs LLC’s mission is to manage residential and commercial properties for the success of our clients while ensuring our residents have a quality living experience. Our management philosophy is to maintain and improve our clients’ properties with the goal that the property retains its market value, income and appreciates over the course of ownership. To reach these goals we use diligence, integrity and ethics in all activities. SmartDigs LLC’s growth and prosperity is a direct result of our management team and together we strive to ensure the success of our clients, the quality of their properties and thus the future of the company. SmartDigs LLC leases, operates and manages about 200 house rentals and apartments near Purdue University and throughout Greater Lafayette. Its staff has many years of experience in showing, renting and maintaining rentals.

As part of its property management SmartDigs LLC:

  • Strives to rent properties for the maximum rent possible while setting rent amounts in a competitive manner. We consider other similar properties, consult with owners and adjust for prospective market conditions.
  • Advertises the property.
  • Strives to show units at convenient times for prospective residents
  • Uses all reasonable efforts to keep premises rented by locating appropriate residents, after background checks, for the property.
  • As the agent for owner, negotiates, prepares and executes all leases, including all renewals and extensions of leases, and, where appropriate, cancels or modifies existing leases.
  • Reconciles monthly bank statements, receipts, fees, expenses and charges to Owner.
  • Collects all rents, pre-paid cleaning fees, pet deposit fees, residents security deposits, and other amounts receivable on Owner’s account in connection with the management and operation of each Property.
  • Collects from residents any or all of the following special fees and charges: an administrative charge for late payment of rent, a charge for returned or non-negotiable checks, a credit report fee; reimbursements for repairs due to damage to the property and any other special fees or charges for which the residents is responsible.
  • As the agent for owner, may terminate tenancies and possession of premises; to sue for in the name of the Owner and recover rents and other sums due; and when expedient, to settle or compromise, and release such actions.
  • Having years of experience, follows all Federal and Local Fair Housing Laws.
  • Makes or arranges, under the terms of its Management Agreement with the owner, all ordinary repairs and replacements reasonably necessary to preserve and maintain the property in an attractive condition and good state of repair for the operating efficiency of the property, and all alterations required to comply with lease requirements, governmental regulations or insurance requirements.
  • Responds to emergency situations promptly, for example no heat and water leaking under pressure.
  • Negotiates contracts for all utilities and services except as otherwise paid by tenant(s).
  • After a tenancy ends, prepares the property for new tenancies by arranging for repairs, cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Conducts inspections upon the commencement of new tenancies. Processes security deposit refund.
Property Management For You!